Monday, July 29, 2013

WCMC-Q inducts 33 medical students on to Dean’s Honor List

Doha, February 22, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMC-Q) celebrated an historic milestone last night  (February 22, 2012) when 33 high achieving pre-medical students were named on the inaugural Dean's Honors List at a ceremony in Education City.

It was the first time in the 10-year history of WCMC-Q that high achieving students were inducted to the Dean’s Honors List. Students who successfully earned a 3.75 GPA or higher in the Fall 2011 term were selected on academic merit to receive the award.

 WCMC-Q Dean, Dr. Javaid Sheikh presented the awards and congratulated the students on their impressive academic achievements and he encouraged the students to continue to strive for excellence. The Dean’s Honors List will become an annual event on WCMC-Q’s academic calendar in recognition of dedication, hard work and high achievements by students.

“I am delighted to applaud the exceptional performance of these students as they are recognized for this significant academic honor.   The inauguration of the Dean’s Honors List reflects the high caliber of WCMC-Q’s student body and from this day forward will be a tradition that is firmly entrenched in the College.

“These young men and women have demonstrated an outstanding level of work to achieve this honor and their commitment and talent is inspiring to all at WCMC-Q.  We are proud to support them and help them achieve their undoubtedly remarkable potential,” Dean Sheikh said.
The students who were inducted on to the Dean’s Honor List are Ali Al Jabri, Hamza Oglat, Lama Obeid, Sarah Elsoukkary, Zahra Habibur Rahman, Buchra Zakzok, Ayesha Khalid, Ahmed Saleh, Rebal Turjoman, Shereen Darwish, Josia Schlogl, Shruthi Suresh, Hayaan Kamran, Mostafa Naguib, Alaaeldin Elsayed, Sarah Kanbour, Hamzah Al-Khatib, Amro Wafi, Aya El Jerbi, Perola Lamba, Muhammad Panhwar, Lina Irshaid, Elizabeth Boctor, Omar Falah, Maryem Al Manaa, Shajeedha Ameerudeen, Anchalia Chandrakumaran, Mohammed Sheriff, Khalid Taha, Khalid Al-dasuqi, Risheek Kaul, Vignesh Shanmugam.


Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar is part of Weill Cornell Medical College. It was established in 2001 through a partnership between Cornell University and Qatar Foundation. WCMC-Q offers an innovative educational program that includes a two-year premedical program followed by a four-year medical program leading to the M.D. degree from Cornell University.  Each program has a separate admission process guided by the standards of admission at Cornell University in Ithaca and its Medical College in New York City. 

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